March 23, 2016

Dear Association Directors,
     Today was the first Palmetto GBA Provider and Education Outreach meeting for 2016.  I have some updates for your association members that have significant impacts on our profession, as Chiropractic Providers.
     1.  The OIG and CERT error rates for Chiropractic is still significant, therefore, CMS has posted numerous educational tools for our profession.  I have provided the PDF links to this information in attachments.
     2.  New re-validation has begun March 1, 2016.  A provider must be re-credentialed every 5 years, and should begin the process up to 6 months prior to insure no disruption of billing capability.   I have provided the link to check a providers status.
     3.  Please remind all Medicare providers that Chiropractors can NOT opt out of Medicare.  You can be participating or non-participating, but you cannot treat Medicare patients by opting out and simply treating the patients on a cash basis.
     4.  Please remind all Medicare Providers to sign up for both CMS and Palmetto GBA’s e-mail list serve, so that they can stay current with updates and information as they relate to Chiropractic.
Thank you for allowing me to serve,
Dr. Mark Thayer
Palmetto GBA POE-AG Chiropractic Rep